CJO’s “A Century with Frank Sinatra” showcasing Dee Daniels, Dwight Lenox and Phil Clark

Columbus Jazz Orchestra “100 Years of Frank Sinatra” featuring Dee Daniels, Dwight Lenox & Phil ClarkCome and fly away with the Columbus Jazz Orchestra  when we pay homage to “The Chairman of the Board” for the One hundredth anniversary of the arrival!Ol’ Blue Eyes personally, Frank Sinatra, described the traditional American Songbook for many years using verve as well as style. Long praised as being the world’s finest singer of well-known music, Sinatra is definitely the performer that elevated the bar for all those others to go by. Sinatra has been, obviously, much more than just a performer – the guy was in fact also an actor, recording singer, cabaret plus live show celebrity, tv and radio personality, and also, occasionally, producer, manager, and even conductor. Lending their remarkable singing talents on stage will be Dee Daniels, Dwight Lenox, together with Phil Clark to pay tribute to the music as well as the history of “The Voice.”