Columbus Jazz Orchestra Presents Dee Daniels

Columbus Jazz Orchestra Presents Dee Daniels

Regardless of whether accompanying her self on the keyboard, fronting a trio,

Columbus Jazz Orchestra: Dee Daniels, Dwight Lenox & Phil Clark
Dee Daniels

big band or maybe a concert, Dee Daniels’ musical career is really mixed as the woman’s four-octave vocal singing range is actually remarkable. associated her personal at the keyboard, fronting a group of 3, major music band or possibly a symphony, Dee Daniels’ music career is just as mixed like her four-octave voice collection is certainly exciting, No matter. She is a unique ability whom goes beyond musical boundaries whenever she offers her jazz music style, infused with gospel and blues flavoring, on the stage. One critic says, “Daniels’ sound features a hypnotic top quality, giving an impressive collection that gives the passionate verse and songs of 50 years back new lifestyle and raw feeling.” Continue reading Columbus Jazz Orchestra Presents Dee Daniels